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Yet Another Reason to Fish the Outer Banks

If you’re a fisherman you’ll be excited to hear that someone set a brand new state record with an 877-pound bluefin tuna caught on Saint Patrick’s Day in NC waters. The angler was Scott Chambers from Townsend, Del., a retired U.S. Army General. He caught the fish trolling bait on 130-pound line test on a

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When You’re Ready to Thaw Out Come to the Outer Banks

  When you’ve had enough of winter and even though the calendar says it’s spring you’re still knee deep in snow, come to the Outer Banks and thaw out! For those that winter has taken a toll on, you’ll really appreciate the temperatures we have to tempt you with. Pack up your family, bring your

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Special Deals on Early Season Vacation Rentals in Corolla

For anyone that wants to plan an early season vacation to the Outer Banks, whether for Spring Break, a family vacation or just to get away for a while, be sure to check out the special deals we have on our early season vacation rentals in Corolla. You’ll save plenty of cash and that’s more

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Vacationing With a Teenager to the Outer Banks

If you have teenagers living under your roof you already know how challenging that can be at times. They seem to operate on a different frequency than the adults around them and being always plugged into devices does nothing to help matters. Vacationing with a teenager has the potential to be a great experience if

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Book Now and Save $100 off this Shooting Star

There’s never a bad time to make your reservations on a vacation rental in the Outer Banks, but sometimes, like now, there’s an exceptionally good time to do it! Book your vacation now for a stay in Shooting Star on May 27-June 3 OR June 3-10, 2018, and you’ll get $100 off the rental rate!

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