Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be in writing by fax, email or letter. If the property is re-rented for only a portion of the original rental period or at a reduced rate, the only refund due the canceling Tenant are those funds in excess of the original rental rate, less $200 cancellation fee, the administrative fee and any other additional non-refundable fees as described in the Paramount Destinations Vacation Rental Agreement (Item 15).

        CANCELLATION/BREACH: In the event of: (i) Your cancellation of this Agreement or (ii) a material breach of any provision of this Agreement by You, including, but not limited to, Your failure to remit the Final Balance Due, You shall receive a refund of all payments made by You (less all nonrefundable fees (the administrative fee shown on page 1 of this Lease, $95 damage waiver fee, $200 cancellation fee and, if applicable, Travel Insurance) but only if the Premises is re-rented on the terms set forth herein (refund issued by original payment method). (In such an event, Agent may, in its sole and absolute discretion, reduce the rental amount without notice. In this case, the guest canceling their reservation is financially responsible for this reduction and their refund will be reduced by the effect of such reduction.) If the Premises is not re-rented, Agent shall seek an amount sufficient to defray the actual damages suffered (i.e. Owner may, in its sole and absolute discretion, pursue to the fullest extent of the law the original balance owed) as a result of the cancellation or material breach. Whether or not the Premises are re-rented, You, rather than the Agent shall be responsible for seeking reimbursement of any fees paid by You to Agent for goods, services, or benefits procured by Agent from third parties for the benefit of You that may have been paid out prior to Your cancellation.

If a Refund is due to the Tenant, it will be payable within 30 days after the subsequent re-rent payment has cleared our accounts. In the event a reservation is cancelled and the property is not re-rented during the entire term, then the entire rent payment will be forfeited.

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